Paper Product Based Biz [Fall 2022 edition]


A super practical course that helps you to manufacture, sell, and profit from a small, paper-based, physical product.

  • Six weeks of practical training
  • 100% online - weekly videos and zoom calls
  • A repeatable setup that lets you manufacture & profit from your own paper-based physical product


    - We'll start with how to create products people want and how to test your idea before investing in printing the whole batch.
    - Then get ready to learn very practical things to think of before creating a product, so you won't have nasty surprises later on. This foundational info is critical!
    - Hot seats - a group session when we can quickly brainstorm the best product ideas for your business.
    - Here, you'll learn where to look for manufactures and what questions to ask. It's an important part, but don't worry, I've got you! 
    - I'll cover all the practical info on volumes, designs, samples, and lingo.
    - We'll talk about test production and re-ordering best practices.
    - Shopify or WordPress? I've tested both, and I'll share my learnings.
    - I'll also talk about setting up Facebook & Instagram stores.
    - Get ready to learn how to start building your email list.
    - I'll share my learnings on organic vs. paid, so you'll know your options and which one is best for you.
    - I'll guide you through my process of taking product photos & videos with a phone. I'll tell you what to do to show the product before it's manufactured. And what to think about when getting a professional photographer on board (and when that even makes sense).
    - Here, we'll talk about the emails that sell & I'll give you templates of all the emails that you need to have in place to maximize your sales.
    - Now, this is gold! You'll see the behind the scenes look at creatives & types of ads that work for me on Facebook & Instagram. You'll get the exact setup that took us a lot of trial, error, and dollars to figure out.
    - You'll also learn about the importance of upsells, cross-sells, and bundles. This is where your money is in this type of biz.
    - Last but not least, we'll talk a bit about the small things you can do to optimize for higher conversions, a.k.a. simple stuff that will make you a better bang for your buck.
    - Get ready for rubber to hit the ground and learn all about shipping and fulfilling orders. This week's materials alone are worth the money for this course.
    - I'll give you a copy of my exact Google spreadsheet to manage orders, shipping, refunds, and replacements. I also share it with my remote team, who prepare & ship the orders based on that. Never failed me.
    - Now, it's time to talk about answering customers' emails & messages. This is a real deal. And may include a dash of disappointment in humanity. You're way too cool for that. That's why I'll share my frequently-sent-email templates that will save you tons of time!
    - Finally, we'll close it off with my one sheet simple tracker to keep an eye on the most important numbers, financials & managing inventory. So you'll know if you're making money on a daily, not when your accountant is doing your taxes at the end of the year. Real talk: I'm a marketing person, not a financial geek - the stuff I use is simple enough for me to know what's going on like a boss without getting exhausted.

  • SIX-course modules (one per week). These modules are PACKED with video trainings, worksheets, templates, and more. There's no such thing as passive learning with this course. We're getting to WORK! So that by the end of the program, you'll have a simple set up in place to sell your own paper-based products.
  • Weekly Live Group Coaching Calls (will be recorded if you can't attend). In these calls, you'll have a chance to ask questions, solicit feedback, and dive deeper into your specific case. You'll also get the benefit of meeting + networking with other entrepreneurs and learn from their questions as well.
  • The exact templates & worksheets I use. The 3 documents I use daily to manage shipping & fulfillment of orders, answer emails, and keep an eye on the numbers. This will help bring this business to life asap! Just plug, play, and PROFIT.
  • Behind the scenes setup of my ads & email sequence set up. You'll have a chance to see behind the scenes of my exact ads and emails setups. This will save you a lot of time and money on learning and figuring out what works.

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